CrossFit Weyburn espouses a fitness methodology suited for real life and real people. Our program is based on a proven system that provides unparalleled results. Our fitness program delivers with a 3-pronged approach: Workouts, Coaches, and Community. Each workout is thoughtfully designed around skill-building, optimizing intensity, increasing strength and endurance, and sculpting lean bodies in a physiologically appropriate way.

Our certified coaches are groomed internally through a rigorous training program with continuing education to ensure they stay engaged and up-to-date on our ever-evolving sport of fitness. They are awesome on a professional level, but they also know how to turn it up to motivate and make sure everyone gets an incredible workout every day.

The community is our heart and what makes CrossFit Weyburn really good at what we do. Our community members–our athletes–are a cross-section of our bigger Weyburn community. Some have never worked out before coming to CrossFit Weyburn and others have been elite level athletes their whole lives. Our one common goal of self-improvement brings us together and we often find inspiration in our differences. The internal support at CrossFit Weyburn is unmatched and authentic.



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Check out our schedule and get together with people who share common goals, love to motivate, inspire with their dedication, and are each unique individuals working to become the best selves!


our fitness team

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our facility

CrossFit Weyburn’s facility is 4,000 square feet of pure fun. We have invested in the best the functional fitness industry has to offer. What sets us apart of the typical gym, and most other CrossFit gyms is our rock climbing wall and our room full of Air Assault bikes. If you’ve experienced an air bike, you know how potent and effective it is, and if you’ve never had the pleasure, trust us, come try it. In addition to these amazing bonuses, our facility is fully-equipped for our exciting whole-body, strength and conditioning workouts.


Take a look at some of our success stories with CrossFit Weyburn